Again this year we are issuing each owner a security code for each unit owned. In an effort to guarantee anonymity, these personal codes were randomly generated as individual PINs and contain no duplicate numbers. Lynne Arterberry has volunteered to lead the election committee in counting the votes but she will not know who submitted the votes. You must use your security code PIN that was sent to you by mail. Lynne is not associated with any of the candidates. Only the Communications Chair, Dan Case, will have access to the personal voting codes and he is not running for a board position. If you misplace or forget your code(s), call or text Dan at 214-517-8449. Each code can be used only once and is different than the code from last year. Codes are not transferrable and can be used only by the person for whom they were intended.

You may submit your vote through this ballot as soon as you wish or you may vote online at the HOA meeting before 12 PM, May 5, 2018 in order to be counted.   

There are 3 board positions that are up for election this year. On the ballot this year will be Roger Geiger and Mike Simon who are seeking their second term. Tonita Watt, Steve Howard, Joe Politi and Jim Trimble are serving the second year of their term. Dan Case is serving the second year of Phil McDonald's term and will not seek re-election.

You may use the form below by filling in your Personal Identification Number, indicating your candidate selections and/or adding your write-in candidates. You may enter one or more ID codes separated by commas, make your candidate selections then hit the Submit button to cast your ballot. Or you may cast an additional ballot for additional PINs that you have. 


Eagle Landing

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