Covenants & Bylaws  


Each property owner needs to receive an updated yellow “Bylaws and Covenants” booklet. The Association needs to keep a signed receipt that the owner has received this booklet in their permanent records.

Please contact Jim Trimble, Eagle Landing Secretary, at 903-562-1883, or, to arrange for your booklet.

If you wish to combine your multiple units into one unit please refer to our governing documents under section: ARTICLE IX- LIMIT ON UNITS AND UNIT DESIGNATION 1.  

You will need to fill out the Designation of Unit form to submit to the ELHOA secretary. See link above. If the request is approved then you will need to file this form at the Linden, TX real property department at the courthouse. ELHOA will keep a copy of your form within your permanent file.

Eagle Landing

A Planned Lakeside Community

Lake and Boating Information

Eagle Landing Lake (Simpson Lake) is a private lake for the use and enjoyment of Eagle Landing property owners and their accompanied guests. Lake usage, speed limits and fishing rules are posted at the common boat launch. All lake users and boaters are expected to comply with all Texas boating regulations and courtesies as well. 

Fishing Line Recycle

Eagle Landing recycles monofilament fishing line to help our wildlife. If you need to dispose of line, please place it in the recycle bin located near the ramp at our dam.

The prevention of  Giant salvinia is a Texas boating regulation that must be strictly enforced at Eagle Landing as well as all Texas lakes. Giant salvinia (Salvinia molesta), a floating fern from southern Brazil, is currently one of the most problematic aquatic plants in Texas. It damages aquatic ecosystems by outgrowing and replacing native plants that provide food and habitat for native animals and waterfowl. Additionally, it blocks out sunlight and decreases oxygen concentrations to the detriment of fish and other aquatic animals. When plant masses die, decomposition lowers dissolved oxygen still further. Giant salvinia infestations often expand very rapidly. It can double in about a week under the right circumstances. Giant salvinia leaves are quarter to half-dollar sized, about twice as large as common salvinia leaves. Salvinia plants can form dense mats on the water surface that inhibit angling, boating, and other water related recreational activities. Due to its fast growth and highly invasive nature it is illegal to transport giant salvinia on boat trailers, boat motors, or live wells. Therefore, watercraft owners are expected to clean boats and trailers before leaving salvinia infested water bodies. Game Wardens are authorized to issue tickets for transport of salvinia species, as well as other prohibited plants.

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